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ITpro Security


2007/08/01 ITpro

Counterpane Internet Security  「CRYPTO-GRAM」は,米Counterpane Internet Securityの創業者(Founder)およびCTO(最高技術責任者)であるBruce Schneier氏が執筆し,購読登録者へ向けて配信している,フリーの月刊ニュースレターです。ITproでは,Bruce Schneier氏の許可を得て,CRYPTO-GRAMの記事を日本語翻訳し,掲載しております。

 Counterpane Internet Securityはセキュリティ監視の専業ベンダーであり,2006年10月に英BTの傘下に入りました。国内ではインテックと提携し,監視サービス「EINS/MSS+」を提供しています。

2009年2月15日号Helping the Terrorists,Monster.com Data Breach,The Exclusionary Rule and Security,BitArmor's No-Breach Guarantee,Breach Notification Laws
2009年1月15日号Impersonation,forging SSL certificates,biometrics
2008年12月15日号Lessons from Mumbai,Twitter and terrorism,Google Earth,the future of ephemeral conversation,"Here Comes Everybody" review,Schneier for TSA administrator?,Skein news
2008年11月15日号Skein hash function,TSA,quantum cryptography,economics of spam,psychology of con men,terrorists using Twitter,replacement hotel room keys,p = np?
2008年10月15日号Seven habits of highly ineffective terrorists,airport contraband,news,warrantless eavesdropping,risk management,"new attack" against encrypted images,nonviolent activists are now terrorists
2008年9月15日号New book,identity farming,Phorm,security ROI,Diebold,full disclosure,Cory Doctorow's cipher wheel rings,photo ID checks at airport,mental illness and murder,movie-plot threats
2008年8月15日号Memo to the next president,homeland security cost-benefit analysis,Mifare transport cards,software liabilities,Truecrypt's deniable file system,DNS vulnerability
2008年7月15日号CCTV cameras,kill switches and remote control,LifeLock,The First Interdisciplinary Workshop on Security and Human Behavior,Chinese hackers,Man-in-the-Middle attacks
2008年6月15日号The war on photography,crossing borders with laptops,e-mail after the Rapture,fax signatures,the war on t-shirts,airplane seat cameras,how to sell security
2008年5月15日号Ten-Year Anniversary of Crypto-Gram,dual-use technologies and equities,crossing borders with laptops,risk preferences in chimpanzees and bonobos,ethics of vulnerability research
2008年4月15日号Third Annual Movie-Plot Threat Contest,the security mindset,security as feeling and reality,web entrapment,speeding tickets and agenda,seat belts,Internet censorship
2008年3月15日号Privacy and power,Israel implementing IFF for commercial aircraft,third parties controlling information,Amtrak passenger screening,security suites vs. best-of-breed
2008年2月15日号Security vs. privacy,MySpace and U.S. Attorneys General,lock-in,hacking power networks,Mujahideen Secrets 2,giving driver's licenses to illegal immigrants
2008年1月15日号Anonymity and the Netflix dataset,"Where Should Airport Security Begin?",airport security study,running an open wireless network
2007年12月15日号How to secure your computer,defeating the shoe scanning machine at Heathrow Airport,Gitmo manual leaked,security in ten years
2007年11月15日号The war on the unexpected, online political contributing, chemical plants, switzerland and quantum cryptography, security by letterhead, cyberwar, black market in internet crime, Dual_EC_DRBG
2007年10月15日号Storm Worm, fraudulent Amber Alerts, UK police can now demand encryption keys, anonymity and Tor, remote-controlled toys and the TSA, staged attack on generator
2007年9月15日号First responders, basketball referees, home users, stupidest terrorist overreaction, automobile surveillance, computer forensics case study, fast-food drive-ins
2007年8月15日号Assurance and electronic voting machines, Harry Potter leak, avian flu and disaster planning, liquid terrorist plot details, House of Lords on computer security, conversation with Kip Hawley
2007年7月15日号Correspondent inference theory and terrorism, ubiquity of communication, 4th amendment rights extended to e-mail, credit card gas limits, voting machines and coercion, risks of data reuse
2007年6月15日号Rare risk and overreactions, portrait of the modern terrorist as an idiot, teaching viruses, second movie-plot threat contest winner, non-security considerations in security decisions
2007年5月15日号A security market for lemons, Big Brother, citizen-counterterrorist training, REAL ID, social engineering, anti-spam doorbell, penetration testing
2007年4月15日号Second Movie-Plot Threat Contest, U.S. terorrist database, JavaScript hijacking, government contractor injects malicious software into critical military computers
2007年3月15日号CYA security, copycats, US terrorism arrests overstated, movie plot threat in Vancouver, private police forces, cloning RFID chips made by HID
2007年2月15日号In praise of security theater, REAL-ID, debating full disclosure, sending photos to 911 operators, DRM in Windows Vista, psychology of security
2007年1月15日号Automated targeting system, auditory eavesdropping, licensing boaters, Microsoft anti-phishing, Unabomber's code, transmitters in Canadian coins
2006年12月15日号Revoting, real-world passwords, tracking sneakers, notary fraud, separating data and device ownership, fighting fraudulent tranactions
2006年11月15日号Election security, perceived vs. actual risk, Total Information Awareness is back, forge your own boarding pass, the death of ephemeral conversation
2006年10月15日号Screening people with clearances, renew your passport now!, faulty data and the Arar case, on-card displays, screaming cell phones
2006年9月15日号What the terrorists want, ways to avoid the next 9/11, educating users, what is a hacker?, USBDumper, Microsoft and FairUse4WM
2006年8月15日号Remote-control airplane software, doping in professional sports, iPod thefts, security certifications, HSBC insecurity hype, bot networks
2006年7月15日号Google and click fraud, Mumbai terrorist bombings, League of Women Voters supports voter-verifiable paper trails, Brennan Center and electronic voting
2006年6月15日号The value of privacy, movie-plot threat contest winner, hacking computers Over USB, aligning interest with capability
2006年5月15日号Who owns your computer?, identity-theft disclosure laws, man-in-the-middle attacks on RFID cards, Microsoft's BitLocker, the security risk of special cases
2006年4月15日号Movie-plot threat contest, airport passenger screening, VOIP encryption, security through begging, KittenAuth, new kind of door lock, iJacking
2006年3月15日号Face recognition in bars, data mining for terrorists, police department privilege escalation, database error causes unbalanced budget, port security
2006年2月15日号Risk of losing portable devices, multi-use ID cards, Ben Franklin, Valentine's Day, security in the cloud
2006年1月15日号Anonymity and accountability, Dutch botnet, Internet Explorer sucks, electronic shackles, Project Shamrock
2005年12月15日号Airplane security, sky marshal shooting, Sony's DRM rootkit, truckers watching the highways, secure classical communications
2005年11月15日号RFID passports, the living and the dead, Sony secretly installs rootkit, Taser cam, DMCA review, Zotob worm
2005年10月15日号Phishing, closed-source breathalyzers, automatic license plate scanners, tax breaks for good security, Judge Roberts
2005年9月15日号Movie-plot threats, Katrina, the keys to the Sydney subway, Lance Armstrong, Trusted Computing best practices
2005年8月15日号Profiling, Cisco and ISS, stealing imaginary things, turning cell phones off in tunnels, searching bags in subways
2005年7月15日号London transport bombings, terrorism defense, CardSystems, speeding ticket avoidance, talking to strangers
2005年6月15日号Internet attack trends, backscatter x-ray technology, fake concert tickets, Bluetooth, anthrax hoaxes
2005年5月15日号REAL ID, should terrorism be reported?, automatic speedtraps, the potential for an SSH worm, Wi-Fi minefields
2005年4月15日号More on two-factor authentication, identity theft, Secure Flight, papal elections
2005年3月15日号SHA-1 broken, two-factor authentication, ChoicePoint, Unicode URL Hack, Ghostbuster
2005年2月15日号Secure Flight, T-Mobile hack, Microsoft RC4 flaw, secret questions, authentication and expiration
2005年1月15日号Fingerprinting students, shutting down GPS, Hollywood sign, Secure Flight, cyberwar
2004年12月15日号Behavioral assessment profiling, Google Desktop Search, safe personal computing
2004年11月15日号Voting machines, mail-in ballot attack, world series security, technology and counterterrorism
2004年10月15日号New blog, keeping network outages secret, RFID passports, license plate "guns"
2004年9月15日号Security at the Olympics, Trusted Traveler program, museum security, mobile phone spoofing, no-fly list
2004年8月15日号BOB on board, alibi and excuse clubs, Houston airport rangers, website passwords
2004年7月15日号Due process, x-ray machines, portable storage devices, Coca-Cola and the NSA, CLEAR Act
2004年6月15日号Breaking Iranian Codes, Windows XP SP2, cell phone jamming, cameras in subways, Witty worm
2004年5月15日号Warrants, counterterrorism in airports, bypassing the USPS, national security consumers
2004年4月15日号National ID cards, TSA-approved locks, stealing an election, beepcard, virus wars
2004年3月15日号Microsoft source code leak, port knocking, USPTO, Password Safe 2.0, V-ID card, risks of centralization

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